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THERAPYSIB Breeding Program


The Purr-fect Cat Therapy Cat Breeding Program is a custom bloodline preservation breeding program specifically developed to produce cats with the quality health, temperament, personality and disposition suitable for Therapy cat work. Cats within our breeding program are carefully chosen from the top pedigrees internationally. Our cats are TICA registered and certified with a pedigree of sound and healthy lines. All of our cats were even born in Europe and have since been imported to sunny Las Vegas!  All of our prospective breeding program cats have many health certifications and clearances completed prior to being bred. Currently, our breeding program is made up of aboriginal Siberian cats & Traditional line Siberian Cats. We also pay special attention to the cat's mentality, that must be stable in all kinds of situations and circumstances. 

The Siberian Cat is a rare, very loving, robust, smart and obedient cat that many allergic people can have in their home. Siberian Cats are adaptable companions, highly trainable, playful, loyal, adventurous, fearless who display dog-like traits. The Purr-fect Cat Therapy TherapySib Breeding Program exists solely to produce Siberian kittens to be raised and train as Therapeutic Companions that provides the Veterans and the Special Needs with unconditional love, emotional and social support, easing stress, depression, loneliness and anxiety. Our goal is to provide these cats at No Cost to Veterans suffering from PTSD. Kittens from Purr-fect Cat Therapy go home to their new partners completely trained, a clean bill of health and with lifetime support. 

TherapySib is the Purr-fect Cat Therapy Inc Tax ID/EIN 82-1983545 Non-Profit Breeding Program and Registered Cattery with The International Cat Association (TICA). We are dedicated to the preservation of the Aboriginal Siberian Forest Cat Breed, Siberians are a natural breed and one of the top genetically sound and diverse stock breeds. In order to ensure the quality of our kittens, all of our breeding cats are health tested and our cats are also shown in the ring to prove the quality of their confirmation, temperament and breeding. 

TherapySib cats offer opportunities for Veteran handler and care taker – who often isolate themselves from society – to experience positive interactions with members of the community. Cats are evaluated by PCT team and deemed viable to nurture a healing and rejuvenating bond. The result is a positive, non-judgmental, unconditional relationship, desperately needed by both.


Raising, nurturing, training a therapy cat for a fellow Veteran provides a valuable opportunity for a Veteran suffering from Depression, Anxiety, PTSD to reintegrate into community. TherapySib' Cats can help our Veterans from experiencing isolation or loneliness. As part of their training, Veteran have the responsibility to teach, socialize the cats being handled in public, walk on a leash, travel, and will take part in their care and well-being. PCT provides the Cream of the crop of TherapySib Felines!

OPERATION SIBCAT 22 is a movement, encouraging women and men veterans to uplift each other and find their tribe. Though peer support, pet therapy, PCT team provides therapeutic interactions and activities. Our placement of a TherapySib' cat are free to veterans, active duty Soldiers, first responders, and their special needs family members. 


Why Do We Focus So Intensely On A Own Internal Breeding Program?

From Day 1 to 8 weeks oldSocialization - Desensitization - Positive Reinforcement - Nutrition

How adult cats relate to humans depends on the socialization they receive as kittens. The kitten stage is the best time to socialize and desensitize a feline. The most critical time for kitten socialization is from the age of two weeks to an age of about six to nine weeks. Volunteer Kitten Raisers are trained to raise the Kittens in their homes and takes on the responsibility of assuring adequate socialization. Our Volunteer Raisers provides a normal active household with plenty of everyday foot traffic and confusion for a good environment for socializing kittens.

Kittens are not protected from normal household activity other than to assure their safety. Kittens are handled daily from birth, introduced to different situations, environments, animals, and people. This makes a well adjusted, curious, and playful cat. 

Kittens who are gently handled 15 to 40 minutes a day during their first seven weeks are more likely to develop larger brains.

Research has shown that kittens that are handled by four or five different handlers (male, female, adults and children) before they are seven weeks of age will be more sociable to people as adult cats and more inclined to initiate social interaction with them. In comparison cats that are only handled by one individual will be particularly affectionate toward them but will view other humans with suspicion and show a tendency to avoid them.

The amount of time that kittens spend in social interaction with people is important and human handling for a total of 30-60 minutes per day, in multiple short sessions, will help to make them more confident to approach and more inclined to remain in close physical contact. Handling in the presence of the mother and littermates will also help this to be a positive experience for your kittens.

Feeding times are important socialization times for kittens. During feeding, kittens learn to associate human scents and contact with security, food, and comfort. This is the time that young kittens receive most of the physical contact that is so critical to their nervous system development. Kittens should be fondled, stroked, and cuddled often and feeding time is a convenient time for this.

The presence of other animals in the household is very important. Contact with other cats is especially helpful in developing a kitten's social skills. Socialization with adult cats and siblings tends to improve a cat's ability to adjust to new animals and people in the household. Providing daily contact with a dog will allow a kitten to be adopted into a household in which a service or companion dog already resides. 

Starting early with kittens allows us to condition cats to feel positive toward things they will encounter later in life. Bathing, trimming claws, combing, species appropriate food, going for rides, transportation, dog sounds, street sounds, medical equipment, wheelchairs, handling by different peoples. We can start behaviors that will make them happier and more well-adjusted for their entire life. The last aspect of the raising process that makes PCT, Inc ’s breeding program so unique is that we allow a 100% natural weaning process. 

Volunteer Kitten Raisers are trained to raise the Kittens in their homes and take them to allowed public area and transportation

so the kittens are properly socialized. Part of the socialization process also includes exposing the kittens to as many sights, sounds, tastes, textures and smells as might be encountered in a normal domestic home. 

  • Vacuum cleaners, washing machine, tumble drier
  • Cat carriers, pet strollers
  • Carpets, wood floors, linoleum, tile 
  • Litter materials (recycled paper, clay)
  • Music, television, outdoors
  • Wet, Raw and freeze dry treats 
  • Car journeys, public transport 
  • A variety of furniture

Our cats learn walking on a leash and are prepared for their future work as a Therapy pet. Once the kittens are old enough at 1 year old, they may return and go though certification with a local community partner of Love On A Leash (LOAL) chapter a national Therapy pet Certification Organization.

Purr-fect Cat Therapy Inc set all our team for success and graduation. Our volunteers and team are dedicated to give the gifts that keep on giving our Siberian Cats are simply the top Therapy Cats! We have different families and individuals who provide Foster Homes to each individual cat. While we oversee the health and training of our cats, they are loved and spoiled in Foster Homes. This ensures that each cat gets the individual attention and care that they need and deserve. Once a cat is done with its breeding career, it is either adopted by a Foster Family as a forever pet, or is donated as a trained Therapy cat to someone in need! Retired Imports are made available to Homebound program, local Veterans or elderly peoples or remain in our care.

Our breeding and raising program seamlessly feeds into our kittens development program, where the kittens continue their ever-important socialization, desensitization, and early training! To sign up as a volunteer and for volunteer activities – including kitten socialization – please click here.

A very special thank you to the wonderful breeders who help us to supplement our breeding program and continually improve our bloodlines.



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