Purr-fect Cat Therapy Inc

Sharing the Natural Healing Power of Cats 

Our Founder

À cœur vaillant rien d'impossible. 
Nothing is impossible for a willing heart.

I have been rescuing animals for most of my life, volunteering and donating my time, skills and money to countless shelters and animal welfare organizations abroad and in USA.

 Animals always been my comfort zone and my favourite pastime, at very young age, I was responsible in bringing back home countless injured and lost pets, dogs, cats, birds, rabbit....I still lively remember on my way to school in France, my mom peeking though the window giving me the desperate look of no more pets! Little she knows lost and sick animals followed me back home no matter what. 

Happily Married for 19 years to my loving husband retired from US Air Force. He always been my biggest supporter and rock into my endeavors. Today he is a dedicated volunteer from fundraising to bringing animals to veterinary, training and wherever we need him. He is always been faithful to our pets despite the demanding time serving his Country. I am very grateful for the time we had in military, it brought us closer and gave us awareness about military, their pets and veterans lives after coming back home from deployments. I am myself suffering and battling Anxiety and PTSD, I have absolutely no doubts about the beneficial and Therapeutic life changing effect of a pet during difficult time. Purr-fect Cat Therapy Inc was born simply out of love of the exceptional Siberian cat combine with strong desire of helping special needs community and everyone that needs Cat Therapy.       

Christelle M Harris 

Founder/President Purr-fect Cat Therapy Inc.

Finn is Mrs Christelle Harris Founder's 

Registered Emotional Support Animal (ESA) 2017

PR Sineglazka Finn achieved the award of Best Siberian Premiership

CFA Regional Winner Award Show Season 2016-2017