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Purr-fect Cat Therapy Inc

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The Cats 

We have 3 categories for training & certification. Click on one of the categories to learn more. 

Types of Cats Trained 

Purr-fect Cat Therapy trains 4 types of cats: Therapy Cats, Resident/Facility Cats, and Emotional Support Cats, Adventure Cats:

Emotional Support Cats:

  • Cats are clicker trained to enter and exit a carrier
  • Accustomed to cat carrier / transport bag 
  • Car Ride  
  • Cat Litter trained
  • Public access to Airport, College campus
  • Acceptance from humans and other animals
  • Walk on a leash and harness  
  • well socialized
  • Grooming, combing, nail clipping, teeth cleaning 

Comfort / Companion Cats:
Cats that are specially trained to provide comfort to their handler(s) within their own home and other cat-friendly environments.

  • Cat Litter trained
  • Grooming, combing, nail clipping, teeth cleaning

Therapy Cats/ RA / Facility Cats:

Cats that are trained and placed with a specific individual who will use the Therapy Cat within his/her profession and/or volunteer activities to provide educational instruction or therapeutic interventions, medical or environmental aid, methodologies to students with “special needs”, or support to individuals with a physical, neurological, psychological, or other medical related disability or disabilities.


  • Accustomed to cat carrier / transport bag/ pet stroller / wheelchair and medical equipment, hospital sounds
  • Clicker trained up and down a bed
  • Trained in and out of a pet stroller / carrier  
  • Accustomed to handling and head / body heavy petting
  • Acceptance from humans and other animals
  • Walk on a leash and harness 
  • Car Ride
  • Well socialized
  • Accustomed to loud noises, people traffic, children
  • Baths, grooming, nail clipping  
  • Can be trained and enjoy fetch objects
  • Teeth cleaning 

Adventure Cats:
Cats are trained to walk on a leash for outdoor aventures partnership.  

PCT Inc. Top Quality Therapy Siberian Cats & Kittens.

PCT Inc. Cats & kittens are purpose-bred traditional Siberian cats. Kittens are currently graciously donated to Veterans program by PCT Founder/President Mrs Christelle Harris of Taigamoon Siberian Cattery. To find out more on what is "Purpose Breeding and why do we use it?", please visit our Purpose Breeding page. The Siberian Cat is a very loving cat that many allergic people can have in their homes. Traditional Siberian Cats are rare and hard to find in USA and abroad. There is also very limited NEM-free Siberian Pedigreed lines remaining in Russia, homeland of the Siberian cats. Neva Masquerade and mixes are common since their huge popularity and are easier to acquire. In variety of colors the mixes of the two is sadly today lucrative practice in many registered catteries and nurseries around the world. PCT Inc Sanctuary project aims to protect the traditional Siberian Forest Cat blood lines. 

We strongly advocate to keep our breeding stock genetically sound, healthy and free of NEM presence/mixes in their pedigrees. We do this for many reasons the first one is to preserve the true Siberian temperament. Secondly their health and finally hypoallergenic properties. Traditional Siberian cats do not shed excessively all year long, rather the Neva Masquerade do because of their unknown heritage and mixes of other breeds such as Birman, Persian, Siamese, Balinese ect. Siberian Cats of today are getting mixed indiscriminately resulting in serious veterinary cost, health issues, unstable temperament and coat problems are left to the unsuspicious buyers. We at PCT are committed to preserve, protect and offer sanctuary to the Traditional Siberian cats.