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THERAPYSIB Breeding Program

The Purr-fect Cat Therapy Cat Breeding Program is a custom bloodline preservation breeding program specifically developed to produce cats with the quality health, temperament, personality and disposition suitable for Therapy cat work. Cats within our breeding program are carefully chosen from the top pedigrees internationally. Our cats are TICA registered and certified with a pedigree of sound and healthy lines. All of our cats were even born in Europe and have since been imported to sunny Las Vegas! All of our prospective breeding program cats have many health certifications and clearances completed prior to being bred. Currently, our breeding program is made up of aboriginal Siberian cats and traditional line Siberian Cats. We also pay special attention to the cat's mentality, that must be stable in all kinds of situations and circumstances. 

PCT has an in-house breeding program and also obtains kittens from selected breeders who produce cats with genetic predispositions to be trained to provide many years of therapy and partnership. When we go outside our breeding program we do this very carefully, ensuring the breeder in question holds our high breeding and raising standards. They are raised from birth with one specific goal of being a Therapy Cat. Each cat’s training is personalized to help their individual handler needs. We raise and train the following types of therapy cats. More information on each can be found by clicking on the title below.

Pay It Forward Campaign

The very best kittens are hand raised, trained to the applicant needs. The Prescription (ESA) Siberian kittens are free of charge to approved Veteran applicant suffering of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder including Veteran Sexual assault victims. 

Purr-fect Cat Therapy Inc is an all volunteer with no paid staff. The cost of breeding, raising, and training a therapy cat is well over $20.000. Our therapy cat are placed at no-cost with Veterans suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disability, traumatic brain injury, and/or sexual trauma. PCT, Inc programs offer Veterans and their therapy pet  lifetime support.

It takes a village to raise a Therapysib! Our goal is to empower veterans to return to civilian life with dignity and enrich their lives with the cat - human bond. We are the only nation's first provider of therapy hypoallergenic felines for disabled American veterans. 

Therapy Cat Handler

Therapy cats are privately owned pets who provide affection and comfort to various members of the public, typically during short visits to hospitals, assisted living centers, nursing homes, domestic violence shelters, libraries, schools and many other places. Therapy cat owners volunteer their time to visit with their cats in the community. Qualified PCT, Inc. Program Cats and Therapy Team can obtain training and certification though a community partner Love on a Leash (LOAL). If you are interested in becoming a therapy cat handler registered by the Love on a Leash Therapy Animal Program visit their website: Love on a Leash

Our teams are more than just cats who provide therapeutic interaction, improving  physical, social, emotional, and/or cognitive functioning. TherapySib teams work as ambassadors for their breed, helping to educate the community on the importance of preserving the aboriginal Siberian breed, the humane care of felines, and raise awareness about the vital role of companion animals in the health and well- being of individuals, families and communities. Providing and Facilitating Therapeutic Recreation and Animal-Assisted Therapy and Activities for Special needs communities and everyone one that needs it.

Volunteer Therapy Kitten Raiser

No cats are born a therapy cat; He or she needs to be trained and nurtured. That 

process begins, when the cat is a kitten, and it requires a dedicated individual. PCT, Inc's place kitten with volunteer therapy kitten raisers. Volunteer receive their kitten when he/she is around sixteen weeks of age and commit to keep and care for him for the next twelves to 15 months. The task of kitten raisers is to provide a safe, loving environment for the cat, to take him/her to the scheduled classes and show, and to expose him to lots of opportunities for socialization. The Therapy Kitten Raiser must regularly submit reports on the cat’s progress as well.   

Host A Breeder

The success of our future therapy cats is largely due to the generosity of volunteers who host our specially selected breeding cats. These volunteers provide care and homes for breeding males throughout their lifetime and duties. Breeding Stock Hosts provide our breeding cats with a special home over their lives. These amazing volunteers allow us to maintain high breeding standards and comfortable and loving living situations for our breeding stock dads and moms. This is a great commitment that should be seriously considered before applying. What are the benefits of being a host family?

  • Getting a healthy, sound, well bred, Traditional Siberian Cat as a loving family member for the life of the cat.

  • Being a part of a breeding program that is dedicated to giving its Veterans and Special needs community kittens from the best pedigreed, healthy and sound sires/damns and be part of a program for a great charitable cause.

  • Purr-fect Cat Therapy pays for all required health clearances and breeding expenses.

  • Getting priority on a kitten of your own to keep  from your hosted Siberian Cat. The kitten is placed as a companion with a spay/neuter agreement.



Purr-fect Cat Therapy has established a Wish List through Amazon.com. The items that you will find on this list are supplies that are readily needed for the care of our cats such as grain free cat food, cat toys and beds. This provides you with a unique donation opportunity to select items you would like to contribute to our organization. 

Please click the link to check out our Amazon Wish ListOur desired items are listed there.


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