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Favourite Food: Chicken

Favourite Treats: Ham and Cheese Bits 
Favourite Pasttime: Playing with Springs Toy

Nazar was born in Saratov, Russia. He is an adventure therapy cat ambassador. There are some tales that cats were faithful companions of monks in Russian monasteries and these cats were even used as watch-dog. He is the dream Siberian boy, he loves give hugs meows, chirps, yowls, and loudly purrs. Nazar will remain in PCT Sanctuary program, due to a health report of HCM that affected a close relative ancestor. Nazar relocated to Washington state February 2018 in a PCT, Inc approved foster home where he is serving as a assistance (ESA) pet to a mild austitic teenager.

DOB: June 28, 2016 

Breed: Siberian 

Intestinal Parasite Screen Negative 02/03/17

Neuter Surgery: 03/28/17

Dental Sealant: 03/28/17

FeLV/FIV : Negative 01/31/17

Feline Calicivirus (FCV): Negative 01/2917

HCM - Normal 2/17/2017
PKD1 & PK Def -N/N by DNA also neg by parentage

Interesting Siberian Facts.

Siberian can be used as therapy cat because of its calm nature and ability to recognize the person which needs support. It likes to cuddle and doesn't hesitate to show moral and physical support when needed.

Sponsor a Cat.

Think of it as a virtual adoption. When you sponsor a cat, you give the gift of a life-long home, high-quality care including doctor’s visits and all the care needed for health and happiness. Sponsorship makes a great gift for loved ones with a guaranteed blessing for your compassion for cats. In return for your generosity you'll receive periodic photo updates on how your adoptee is doing. Your donation goes directly to helping our feline friends at the sanctuary. Adoption cost is $25.00 per year minimum, but extra donations are always appreciated!