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Favourite Food: Duck and Rabbit 
Favourite Treats: Ham
Favourite Pasttime: Playing with Feather

Finn was born right here in Nevada, USA. He is a Neva Masquerade Siberian, loving pet, show cat and registered therapy (ESA) pet of PCT founder. We ended up showing Finn in CFA in altered class when he turned 8 months old. Finn is quite a big teddy bear, very calm, he is also a character himself ! Maybe he collected theses traits from Jean Sineglazka aka Fuzzypants his Grand pa that play a star role in the movie (2016) Nine Lives.

DOB: December 25, 2015

Sire: CH. Sineglazka Tomislav

Dam: GC. Sineglazka Milana  

Intestinal Parasite Screen Negative 2016 

Neuter Surgery: 2015

Dental: 03/03/2017

FeLV/FIV : Negative 08/27/2016

Feline Calicivirus (FCV): Negative 03/31/2016

PKD1 & PK Def - negative by parentage.

Interesting Siberian Facts.

Siberian is affectionate, calm and playful cat. It is suitable for families with kids, cats and cat-friendly dogs. Despite its large size, Siberian is extremely acrobatic and agile cat that can easily climb to the highest point in the house and perform somersault while it tries to grab its favorite toy.